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We need to have the science, and we need robust science.I acknowledge that we cannot wait for the science to make progress. Heather moorland comprises about 7% of the UK’s land mass, or some 6,500 square miles.Grouse shooting comes in two forms: walked-up shooting, which involves groups of shooters who walk around a I have read all 60-plus pages of it, and the word “grouse” is not mentioned once. For them, the end justifies the means.

The Financial Times and its journalism are subject to a self-regulation regime under the FT Editorial Code of Practice. It is quite clear that that is a prerequisite to progress.Will the Minister therefore underpin the voluntary approach outlined in her strategy by exploring the possibility of introducing an offence of They could work with the RSPB to develop its proposal for a licensing system, although doubts have been expressed by others as to whether that would work. I had the honour of holding a similar job to that which the Minister currently holds at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Friend’s points.Red grouse are not found anywhere in the UK but uplands. It states:“Grouse moors…are an integral part of moorland management both for the grouse and other…wildlife such as lapwing and curlew”.According to the petition, grouse shooting helps to support local businesses, jobs Share this contribution Sir Nicholas Soames Share this contribution I will press on—I am afraid I have not got any time.The owners did that because they love these wild places and

I am not here to support the ban on grouse shooting. It is governed by parliamentary legislation and European Union directives, and it is a devolved matter for the devolved regions of the UK. Nor can the Government continue to turn a blind eye to illegal practices, or meekly say, as they do in their response to the petition, that“all those involved are encouraged to Let us be clear what we are debating today.

These moors were not designated sites of special scientific interest in spite of being grouse moors but precisely because they were grouse moors. What are the Government doing to enforce the law on protecting wildlife, especially birds of prey, and what more can be done to prosecute those who flout the law? OK www.parliament.uk Parliamentary BusinessBusiness | MPs, Lords and OfficesMembers | About ParliamentAbout | Get Involved | Visiting | Education Toggle navigation Hansard Online Commons Latest Sitting Browse Sittings List Debates List Designed in collaboration with Code & Theory

Indeed, peatland restoration is known to help to slow the rate of water run-off. I look forward to the Minister’s comments on that in her conclusions and to a commitment that the project will continue. If we do not see concerted action and swift progress soon, the only answer will be a ban. Pro Web Apps Mobile Apps Products Business Solutions API & Developer Solutions About Resources & Tools Blog Community Contact Connect ©2016 Wolfram Alpha LLC Terms Privacy wolfram.com Wolfram Language Wolfram for

For a closer look at new features in these apps, see What’s New and Improved in Office 2016. All rights reserved. Today, I want to challenge the untruths being promoted by those who wish to ban grouse shooting—people who outside this place knowingly promote cod science in what I regard as a The Government’s response cited the industry’s Public and Corporate Economic Consultants report on the economics of shooting sports, but a review by Sheffield Hallam University identified flawed methodology and found that

I heard the points made by the hon. We should certainly take notice of some of the issues raised by the petition to ban and acknowledge the legitimate concerns of many of those who signed the petition. In his paper calling for a radical rethink of flood defences, Dieter Helm, chair of the Natural Capital Committee, identified the burning of heather on grouse moors as a publicly subsidised The breeding of hen harriers this year has been poor, and it is becoming clear that progress in delivering a sustainable future for our moorlands is beginning to stall, stutter and

I heard curlew, grouse, golden plover, oystercatchers, skylarks, lapwings and the wonderful grey hill partridge. The focus seemed to be on slowing down the flow instead of looking at what mismanagement in the uplands caused the flow to speed up in the first place. Well, it is equal to 16 of the largest African bull elephants landing on an acre of ground. A number of people have referred to an excellent piece of peer-reviewed science, “Changes in the abundance and distribution of upland breeding birds in the Berwyn Special Protection Area, North Wales

Entrepreneur brings agricultural technology to Australian outback The 2016 FT Executive Education rankings: analysis Unions can help heal fractured societies Life & Arts Sections Life & Arts Home House & Home I have even heard mention of fishing being on the radar for a ban one day. Anything we manage to shoot is used.

Hen harriers need gamekeepers as much as grouse do.

Any other feedback? Share this contribution Danny Kinahan Share this contribution I certainly agree. We have to find a proper way of protecting it. There is clearly already a management process in place within the grouse shooting sector, aimed at preserving the sport in the long term.I have carefully considered the emails that have been

Studies have shown that 60 birds per sq km is optimal, but owners now aim for 180 if not 200 birds per sq km. I worked very closely with it as a Minister and I continue to support much of what it does. Many find this so-called sport morally reprehensible, but even those who do not must accept that the driven grouse shooting lobby needs to put its house in order.The Government could take Share this contribution 5.09 pm Richard Benyon (Newbury) (Con) Share this contribution I refer hon.

Instead, it advocates some form of licensing of grouse shooting. Member for St Austell and Newquay (Steve Double) sat through the evidence to the Petitions Committee and the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee last week and does not seem to I can somewhat understand the viewpoints, and people have a right to their views, but my opinion is based on factual information about economics and conservation, and on people’s right to We have the skills and we have the regulations.

Friend. The facts are these. The same global insight. Share this contribution Sir Henry Bellingham Share this contribution Will my right hon.

Share this contribution Mr Walker Share this contribution No, I do not have time.As I like to deal in facts, unlike Mr Avery, I have read the excellent and thoughtful Calderdale I am opening this debate as a member of the Petitions Committee. Berwyn is a 242 sq km area of blanket bog and upland heath, similar to the one described by the hon. It will do so unless something is done to stop the persecution of our birds of prey.

Entrepreneur brings agricultural technology to Australian outback The 2016 FT Executive Education rankings: analysis Unions can help heal fractured societies Life & Arts Sections Life & Arts Home House & Home The Moorland Association and Countryside Alliance note that in many cases grouse shooting not only supports but is a lifeline for rural areas of the UK that are cut off from Once you’ve done that, refresh this page to start using Wolfram|Alpha. Sign in here Newspaper + Premium Digital $ 11.77 per week * Select All the benefits of Premium Digital, plus: Free delivery to your home or office, Monday to Saturday FT

I am a lousy shot but I support shooting. However, if that is to work, the Minister must show some leadership and demonstrate a sense of her responsibility to do all she can to make it work.Year one of the Does he agree that there is no logic whatever in saying that driven grouse shooting should be somehow controlled, but that other forms of grouse shooting should not be? I suggest, however, that that is too simple a conclusion and that the issue is far more complex.

Member for Mid Sussex (Sir Nicholas Soames), who set out that case very clearly. The result is that in recent years, yellow buntings and birds of prey have returned. Those people are not rich toffs; they are ordinary people who rely on the additional income that the work brings them. Friend for that intervention.