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CORSEC_E_CRYPTOAPI_CALL_FAILED 0x80131413 StrongName APIs not supported on system. VER_E_ADDR 0x80131881 Address of not allowed for this item. CLDB_E_SCHEMA_VERNOTFOUND 0x8013110f CLDB_E_BADUPDATEMODE 0x80131110 Cannot open a incrementally build scope for full update. The information contained on this site is for informational purposes only.

Summing-up:To renovate 0x80131c41 error in a safe and fast way, applying SmartPCFixer is the optimal option. Recommend: 0x80131c41 Removal -- The Best Automatic Fixing Tool (5.2 MB) *File size: 5.2 MB, Download time: <1min (Cable/DSL) How to Fix 0x80131c41 Manually? VER_E_THIS_UNINIT_RET 0x8013184f Store non Object type into Object array. SmartPCFixer is surely an app made to assist pc users resolve 0x5f3759df to make your personal computer program far more stable and speed up your computer.

COR_E_SERVER 0x8013150e Invalid marshaling directives. TLBX_E_BAD_VT_TYPE 0x80131167 Typelib import: Invalid vartype, not converted. What is the best solution to clean up error code 0x8024a10a Error ? VER_E_METHOD_END 0x8013189e Unrecognized type argument of referenced method instantiation.

VER_E_SIG_ELEMTYPE 0x80131812 Unknown ELEMENT_TYPE. TLBX_E_AUTO_CS_NOT_ALLOWED 0x801311b2 TLBX_E_ENUM_VALUE_INVALID 0x801311b5 TLBX_E_DUPLICATE_IID 0x801311b6 TLBX_E_NO_NESTED_ARRAYS 0x801311b7 TLBX_E_PARAM_ERROR_NAMED 0x801311b8 TLBX_E_PARAM_ERROR_UNNAMED 0x801311b9 TLBX_E_AGNOST_SIGNATURE 0x801311ba TLBX_E_CONVERT_FAIL 0x801311bb TLBX_W_DUAL_NOT_DISPATCH 0x801311bc TLBX_E_BAD_SIGNATURE 0x801311bd TLBX_E_ARRAY_NEEDS_NT_FIXED HOST_E_EXITPROCESS_STACKOVERFLOW 0x8013102b Failed to add file to AppDomain cache. TLBX_E_CRM_NON_STATIC 0x801311a8 Failed to grant permission to execute.

VLDTR_E_TD_MARKEDNOSECUR 0x801312aa A datatype misalignment was detected in a load or store instruction. VER_E_TOKEN_TYPE_FIELD 0x8013186c Unexpected Void. VLDTR_E_MD_INVALIDSEMANTICS 0x8013129a Property marked HasDefault, has no const value. check this link right here now Click the below button to download 0x80131c41 Error Fixer. 2.

COR_E_DATAMISALIGNED 0x80131541 A datatype misalignment was detected in a load or store instruction. VLDTR_E_FL_BADOFFSET 0x8013122c Class layout on an Interface. Free Trial, Secure Download Download Now Home Category Download You probably reached this article because Device Manager or another tool like DXDiag reported an error (0x80131c41), and you are not VER_E_RET_VOID 0x80131871 Stack must be empty on return from a void function.

CORDBG_E_BAD_REFERENCE_VALUE 0x80131305 A reference value was found to be bad during dereferencing. CORDBG_E_INPROC_NOT_IMPL 0x80131318 The in-process version of the debugging API does not support this function. VER_E_LEXICAL_NESTING 0x801318a1 Duplicate RVA in FieldRVA record. VLDTR_E_FD_BADCALLINGCONV 0x80131249 Field signature has invalid calling convention.

All these HRESULTs have their facility defined as FACILITY_URT=0x13 (in which URT stands for Universal Runtimeis an old 3-letter acronym for CLR, there are other funny old names for CLR - CORDBG_E_REMOTE_CONNECTION_FATAL_ERROR 0x80131322 Generic error that the device connection has been broken with no chance for recovery. This can happen from having too many functions on the call stack or function on the stack using too much stack space. CLDB_E_RECORD_OUTOFORDER 0x80131135 Record is emitted out of order.

VER_E_LOC_DEAD 0x80131866 Local variable is unusable at this point. COR_E_NOTFINITENUMBER 0x80131528 Not a Number. What does 0x80131c41 happen? VLDTR_E_FD_MARKEDNODEFLT 0x80131273 Field is marked HasDefault but has no const value.

VLDTR_E_TD_DLTNORTSPCL 0x80131213 TypeDef is Deleted but not marked with RTSpecialName. CORSECATTR_E_BAD_ACTION_OTHER 0x8013143e Unable to lock the store. VLDTR_E_TD_ENCLNOTNESTED 0x80131256 TypeDef not nested has encloser.

VLDTR_E_TD_OBJEXTENDSNONNULL 0x80131211 System.Object extends a non-nil parent.

VLDTR_E_FMD_GLOBALITEM 0x8013129d Property has method with invalid token. META_E_PROPERTY_COUNTS 0x8013119e Known attribute named argument does not support variant. COR_E_SERIALIZATION 0x8013150c A mismatch has occurred between the runtime type of the array and the sub type recorded in the metadata. VLDTR_E_SIG_MISSRANK 0x80131242 Signature is missing rank specification.

FUSION_E_ASM_MODULE_MISSING 0x80131042 A module specified in the manifest was not found. CORPROF_E_CALL_ONLY_FROM_INIT 0x80131356 The function may only be called during profiler initialization. Click [ Fix All ] to get rid of the "0x80131c41". CLR_E_SHIM_INSTALLCOMP 0x80131703 Expected component of the runtime is not available.

CORSEC_E_INVALID_PUBLICKEY 0x8013141e Failed to load assembly containing CA (or required CA type). VER_E_BR_OUTOF_HND 0x80131841 Branch out of exception handler block. VLDTR_E_FL_TDNOTEXPLCT 0x8013122f TypeDef not nested has encloser. COR_E_MISSINGMANIFESTRESOURCE 0x80131532 An expected resource in the assembly manifest was missing.

CORDBG_E_NOT_CHILD_FRAME 0x80131326 The current frame is not a child frame. COR_E_CANNOT_SET_POLICY 0x8013101c Modules which are not in the manifest were streamed in. CORPROF_E_JITMAPS_NOT_ENABLED 0x80131358 Cannot get a JIT map becuase they are not enabled. Many users do not know about Windows updates.

VLDTR_E_MD_NAMENULL 0x8013124a Field is marked marshaled but has no marshaling record. CORDBG_E_KERNEL_DEBUGGER_PRESENT 0x80131348 A kernel debugger is present on the system. You can use it operate your programs in just several minutes.