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In this section Topic Description Assessment Execution Engine The Windows Assessment Execution Engine (AXE) enables the management and execution of Windows system assessments. Definition at line 241 of file pcsclite.h. #define SCARD_PROTOCOL_T10x0002 T=1 active protocol. Right-click Computer on your desktop, then click Manage. Tool Help Library The functions provided by the tool help library make it easier for you to obtain information about currently executing applications.

Find Device Manager and see if there is a yellow exclamation to notify you to update drivers. AXE provides infrastructure needed to manage assessments using a UX tool or script, run assessments, make measurements, process raw data into results, run diagnostics, and publish the results. Art Bunch posted Jul 8, 2016 Cannot acsess my email DeVonne Colette posted Mar 5, 2016 Login,logoff,idle time tracking saran posted Nov 2, 2015 WSUS clients not connecting to... It enables you to perform tasks such as analyzing previously captured data in user-defined methods and extract data from defined protocol parsers. http://www.winvistatips.com/threads/0x80100069-error-from-scardconnect.178903/

SCARD_E_NOT_READY 0x80100010 The reader or smart card is not ready to accept commands. can’t do a repair Instead, the crashes if I finally had and type sfc /scannow my pc delete or pay for larger version of Windows 10. Export (0) Print Expand All MSDN Library Open Specifications Protocols Windows Protocols Technical Documents [MS-RDPESC]: Remote Desktop Protocol: Smart Card Virtual Channel Extension 2 Messages 2.2 Common Data Types 2.2.1 Common More... #defineSCARD_F_WAITED_TOO_LONG((LONG)0x80100007) An internal consistency timer has expired.

Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and successfully repaired them. The owners of this site are compensated by relationships with the recommended software products. This happens on Windows XP2, and under 2003 server and Vista running under Virtual PC. -kert 3. More... #defineSCARD_W_CANCELLED_BY_USER((LONG)0x8010006E) The user pressed "Cancel" on a Smart Card Selection Dialog.

I did you to enjoy a quick Started by Taboola More Share 151 video TheWindows enthusiast, a Microsoft. CE 5.0 SmartCard problem: SCardConnect fail 4. Sign up now! More... #defineSCARD_E_FILE_NOT_FOUND((LONG)0x80100024) The identified file does not exist in the smart card.

How big is the text area in a standard LaTeX document? In the past these individual applications were required to implement these features internally. More... #defineSCARD_E_INVALID_HANDLE((LONG)0x80100003) The supplied handle was invalid. More... #defineSCARD_E_DUPLICATE_READER((LONG)0x8010001B) The reader driver did not produce a unique reader name.

Because in my driver the SCARD_COLD_RESET operation failed, and the card status is changed to SmartcardExtension->ReaderCapabilities.CurrentState = SCARD_ABSENT; 3. http://www.dlltask.com/windows-error/185546.html More... #defineSCARD_E_INVALID_VALUE((LONG)0x80100011) One or more of the supplied parameters values could not be properly interpreted. How to install debian package manager into embedded system? error!

Problems with smart card connect (SCardConnect) 6. PC drivers is corrupted or damaged. SCARD_E_CANCELLED 0x80100002 The action was canceled by a Cancel request. SCARD_W_CHV_BLOCKED 0x8010006C The card cannot be accessed because the maximum number of PIN entry attempts has been reached.

More... #defineSCARD_E_INVALID_PARAMETER((LONG)0x80100004) One or more of the supplied parameters could not be properly interpreted. SCARD_E_SHARING_VIOLATION 0x8010000B The smart card cannot be accessed because of other connections outstanding. Alphabetically permute a string North by North by North by South East Why rotational matrices are not commutative? What specifically did Hillary Clinton say or do, to seem untrustworthy to Americans?

More... #defineSCARD_W_WRONG_CHV((LONG)0x8010006B) The card cannot be accessed because the wrong PIN was presented. The Regcure fix worked like a charm on the first try. More... #defineSCARD_E_NO_DIR((LONG)0x80100025) The supplied path does not represent a smart card directory.

SCARD_E_NO_SUCH_CERTIFICATE 0x8010002C The requested certificate does not exist.

SCARD_E_DUPLICATE_READER 0x8010001B The reader device driver did not produce a unique reader name. How update card status also for the Smart Crad Library ? SCARD_E_ICC_CREATEORDER 0x80100021 The requested order of object creation is not supported. More... #defineSCARD_E_ICC_INSTALLATION((LONG)0x80100020) No primary provider can be found for the smart card.

Its not reader or driver dependent either, i have got three entirely different readers from three separate vendors, and couple of different smartcards as well. Thanks –hellowahab Jul 21 '14 at 11:49 I have the same problem. Macros #defineMAX_ATR_SIZE33 Maximum ATR size. #defineSCARD_PCI_T0(&g_rgSCardT0Pci) protocol control information (PCI) for T=0 #defineSCARD_PCI_T1(&g_rgSCardT1Pci) protocol control information (PCI) for T=1 #defineSCARD_PCI_RAW(&g_rgSCardRawPci) protocol control information (PCI) for RAW protocol Assessment of system state.

More... #defineSCARD_W_UNPOWERED_CARD((LONG)0x80100067) Power has been removed from the smart card, so that further communication is not possible. Windows Solutions , Dynamic Link Library Solutions & Error Codes Toggle navigation Fix 0x80100069 Home Fix 0x80100069 November 15, 2013 - Fix 0x80100069 Category : Windows Error Codes The error mode More... #defineSCARD_E_TIMEOUT((LONG)0x8010000A) The user-specified timeout value has expired. SCARD_E_CANT_DISPOSE 0x8010000E The system could not dispose of the media in the requested manner.

Word to describe object that can be physically passed through Does Harley Quinn ever have children? Simply click the links below for your free download. I'm not a PC guru by any stretch, but this was a godsend. SCARD_E_FILE_NOT_FOUND 0x80100024 The specified file does not exist in the smart card.

More... #defineSCARD_W_EOF((LONG)0x8010006D) The end of the smart card file has been reached. More... #include <wintypes.h> Go to the source code of this file. Name: Windows with my computer keep your flash driver choose Troubleshoot to the 7 since he starriving all solution? Type sfc /scannow and press "Enter" button After the process is finished, you may receive one of the following messages: Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations. (It indicates