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CRYPT_E_ASN1_EOD 0x80093102 ASN1 unexpected end of data. SEC_E_SMARTCARD_CERT_REVOKED 0x80090351 The smartcard certificate used for authentication has been revoked. SPAPI_E_UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION 0x800F0239 An unknown exception was encountered. OSS_MEM_MGR_DLL_NOT_LINKED 0x80093026 OSS ASN.1 Error: Program link error.

SPAPI_E_DI_POSTPROCESSING_REQUIRED 0x800F0226 The device's co-installer has additional work to perform after installation is complete. SCARD_E_INVALID_HANDLE 0x80100003 The supplied handle was invalid. SPAPI_E_DEVINST_ALREADY_EXISTS 0x800F0207 The device instance cannot be created because it already exists. NTE_KEYSET_ENTRY_BAD 0x8009001A Keyset as registered is invalid.

We appreciate your feedback. SEC_I_CONTEXT_EXPIRED 0x00090317 The context has expired and can no longer be used. TRUST_E_SUBJECT_FORM_UNKNOWN 0x800B0003 The form specified for the subject is not one supported or known by the specified trust provider. SEC_I_CONTINUE_NEEDED_MESSAGE_OK 0x80090366 The function completed successfully, but must be called again to complete the context.

ERROR_BIZRULES_NOT_ENABLED 0xC0090003 Business rule scripts are disabled for the calling application. NTE_BAD_KEY 0x80090003 Bad Key. See ASP.NET Ajax CDN Terms of Use – http://www.asp.net/ajaxlibrary/CDN.ashx. ]]> SPAPI_E_NO_ASSOCIATED_CLASS 0x800F0200 The INF or the device information set or element does not have an associated install class.

This is not supported, and indicates a misconfiguration on this server's allowed to delegate to list. CRYPT_E_NOT_IN_REVOCATION_DATABASE 0x80092014 The certificate is not in the revocation server's database. The OSS error values are offset by CRYPT_E_OSS_ERROR. The scan result will show clearly.

This website compatible with ie7, ie8, ie9, ie10, ie11, firefox and google chrome. NTE_BAD_PROVIDER 0x80090013 Invalid provider specified. OSS_BERDER_DLL_NOT_LINKED 0x8009302A OSS ASN.1 Error: Program link error. SPAPI_E_KEY_DOES_NOT_EXIST 0x800F0204 The requested device registry key does not exist.

CRYPT_E_INVALID_MSG_TYPE 0x80091004 Invalid cryptographic message type. CRYPT_E_REVOCATION_OFFLINE 0x80092013 The revocation function was unable to check revocation because the revocation server was offline. CERTSRV_E_NO_POLICY_SERVER 0x80094015 An enrollment policy server cannot be located. SEC_E_ISSUING_CA_UNTRUSTED 0x80090352 An untrusted certificate authority was detected While processing the smartcard certificate used for authentication.

SPAPI_E_NO_SUCH_DEVINST 0x800F020B The device instance does not exist in the hardware tree. SPAPI_E_NO_COMPAT_DRIVERS 0x800F0228 There are no compatible drivers for this device. SEC_E_INCOMPLETE_MESSAGE 0x80090318 The supplied message is incomplete. TRUST_E_COUNTER_SIGNER 0x80096003 One of the counter signatures was invalid.

SCARD_F_INTERNAL_ERROR 0x80100001 An internal consistency check failed. CRYPT_E_AUTH_ATTR_MISSING 0x80091006 The cryptographic message does not contain an expected authenticated attribute. More fragments need to be returned. SEC_E_TIME_SKEW 0x80090324 The clocks on the client and server machines are skewed.

SCARD_E_SYSTEM_CANCELLED 0x80100012 The action was canceled by the system, presumably to log off or shut down. CERTSRV_E_RENEWAL_BAD_PUBLIC_KEY 0x80094816 The certificate template requires renewal with the same public key, but the request uses a different public key. SEC_I_RENEGOTIATE 0x00090321 The context data must be renegotiated with the peer.

The certification authority could not verify one or more key recovery certificates.

CERTSRV_E_TOO_MANY_SIGNATURES 0x80094815 The certificate template requires too many RA signatures. APPX_E_PACKAGING_INTERNAL 0x80080200 The packaging API has encountered an internal error. NTE_PROVIDER_DLL_FAIL 0x8009001D Provider DLL failed to initialize correctly. OSS_OUT_OF_RANGE 0x80093021 OSS ASN.1 Error: Program link error.

The user has multiple roles assigned and the certification authority is configured to enforce role separation. You need to fix STOP error 0x800F020C immediately to prevent from system crash, BSOD error etc. SPAPI_E_INVALID_REG_PROPERTY 0x800F0209 The device property code is invalid. It can only be performed by a certificate manager that is allowed to manage certificates for the current requester.

SmartPCFixer scans over your windows' registry and repairs 0x800f020c. 1.First Download SmrtPCFixer and make a full scan. 2.Then see the scan result. 3.At last make a registry to fix 0x800f020c. NTE_BAD_HASH 0x80090002 Bad Hash. SPAPI_E_NO_CLASSINSTALL_PARAMS 0x800F0215 No class installer parameters have been set for the device information set or element. Please contact your administrator.

CRYPT_E_OBJECT_LOCATOR_NOT_FOUND 0x8009202d An object could not be located using the object locator infrastructure with the given name. CERTSRV_E_ALIGNMENT_FAULT 0x80094010 A memory reference caused a data alignment fault. NTE_NO_MEMORY 0x8009000E Insufficient memory available for the operation. The context could not be initialized.

This documentation is archived and is not being maintained. CERTSRV_E_ARCHIVED_KEY_UNEXPECTED 0x80094810 The request includes a private key for archival by the server, but key archival is not enabled for the specified certificate template. SPAPI_E_INVALID_COINSTALLER 0x800F0227 The device's co-installer is invalid. TRUST_E_PROVIDER_UNKNOWN 0x800B0001 Unknown trust provider.

DIGSIG_E_ENCODE 0x800B0005 Error due to problem in ASN.1 encoding process. SCARD_E_NO_PIN_CACHE 0x80100033 The smart card PIN cannot be cached. SPAPI_E_DEVINFO_DATA_LOCKED 0x800F0213 The operation cannot be performed because the device information element is locked. OSS_NULL_FCN 0x80093015 OSS ASN.1 Error: Invalid data.