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SEC_E_KDC_INVALID_REQUEST 0x80090340 An invalid request was sent to the KDC. TRUST_E_SYSTEM_ERROR 0x80096001 A system-level error occurred while verifying trust. CERTSRV_E_TOO_MANY_SIGNATURES 0x80094815 The certificate template requires too many RA signatures. SCARD_E_NO_PIN_CACHE 0x80100033 The smart card PIN cannot be cached.

DriverTuner is a powerful driver download software which can help people to download drivers automatically. How to Fix Windows Xp Directx 8 Error Effectively X Cleaner Download Problems How to Get rid of Best Method to Fix Hardisk How to Solve Mcafee Internet Connection Speed Problems SEC_E_KDC_CERT_EXPIRED 0x8009035A The domain controller certificate used for smartcard logon has expired. CRYPT_E_BAD_MSG 0x8009200D Not a cryptographic message or the cryptographic message is not formatted correctly.

CERT_E_UNTRUSTEDCA 0x800B0112 A certification chain processed correctly, but one of the CA certificates is not trusted by the policy provider. NTE_UI_REQUIRED 0x8009002E This operation requires input from the user. SCARD_W_UNRESPONSIVE_CARD 0x80100066 The smart card is not responding to a reset.

And may be more suitable for SuperUser anyhow... SPAPI_E_SIGNATURE_OSATTRIBUTE_MISMATCH 0x800F0244 The software was tested for compliance with Windows Logo requirements on a different version of Windows, and may not be compatible with this version. MSSIPOTF_E_FAILED_HINTS_CHECK 0x80097011 The file did not pass the hints check. NTE_DEVICE_NOT_READY 0x80090030 The device that is required by this cryptographic provider is not ready for use.

The counter data can help determine system bottlenecks and fine-tune system and application performance. CERTSRV_E_SERVER_SUSPENDED 0x80094006 Certificate service has been suspended for a database restore operation. SEC_E_INCOMPLETE_CREDENTIALS 0x80090320 The credentials supplied were not complete, and could not be verified. http://www.microsoftdlls.com/fix-system-error-0x800f0201/ ERROR_BIZRULES_NOT_ENABLED 0xC0090003 Business rule scripts are disabled for the calling application.

Needs more details. OSS_PDV_CODE_NOT_LINKED 0x80093028 OSS ASN.1 Error: Program link error. SCARD_E_NO_ACCESS 0x80100027 Access is denied to this file. NTE_NO_MEMORY 0x8009000E Insufficient memory available for the operation.

OSS_OUT_MEMORY 0x80093008 OSS ASN.1 Error: Out of memory. http://www.microsoftdll.com/windows-error-code-0x800f0201-2.php CERT_E_CHAINING 0x800B010A A certificate chain could not be built to a trusted root authority. CRYPT_E_REVOKED 0x80092010 The certificate is revoked. You can see I have disabled the bluetooth, USB, and VirtualBox adapters that I'm not using, but if you are still having issues you can try uninstalling the WAN drivers and

Should I fix 0x800f0201 problems immediately? SPAPI_E_CANT_REMOVE_DEVINST 0x800F0232 The device could not be dynamically removed. It can only be performed by a certificate manager that is allowed to manage certificates for the current requester. OSS_PDU_RANGE 0x80093003 OSS ASN.1 Error: Unknown ASN.1 data type.

NTE_NOT_SUPPORTED 0x80090029 The requested operation is not supported. SPAPI_E_INCORRECTLY_COPIED_INF 0x800F0237 An INF was copied into the Windows INF directory in an improper manner. CERT_E_REVOKED 0x800B010C A certificate was explicitly revoked by its issuer. MSSIPOTF_E_TABLE_TAGORDER 0x80097006 Duplicate table tags or tags out of alphabetical order.

SCARD_W_UNPOWERED_CARD 0x80100067 Power has been removed from the smart card, so that further communication is not possible. Search Control Panel for Recovery. PERSIST_E_NOTSELFSIZING 0x800B000B This object does not read and write self-sizing data.

Process Status API The process status application programming interface (PSAPI) is a helper library that makes it easier for you to obtain information about processes and device drivers.

NTE_BAD_PROVIDER 0x80090013 Invalid provider specified. SEC_E_UNFINISHED_CONTEXT_DELETED 0x80090333 A security context was deleted before the context was completed. SCARD_E_NO_DIR 0x80100025 The supplied path does not represent a smart card directory. CRYPT_E_ASN1_NYI 0x80093134 ASN1 not yet implemented.

CERTSRV_E_NO_CAADMIN_DEFINED 0x8009400D At least one security principal must have the permission to manage this CA. SPAPI_E_INVALID_REFERENCE_STRING 0x800F021F The reference string supplied for this interface device is invalid. CERTSRV_E_DOWNLEVEL_DC_SSL_OR_UPGRADE 0x80094013 The contacted domain controller cannot support signed LDAP traffic. OS is Windows 2000.

current community blog chat Super User Meta Super User your communities Sign up or log in to customize your list. SCARD_E_NO_MEMORY 0x80100006 Not enough memory available to complete this command. How to take the endorsement request for arXiv? MSSIPOTF_E_DSIG_STRUCTURE 0x80097016 The structure of the DSIG table is incorrect.

A complete signing operation must be done. Learn More. The process snapshot can be dumped into a file using the MiniDumpWriteDump function. NTE_BAD_UID 0x80090001 Bad UID.

CRYPT_E_UNEXPECTED_ENCODING 0x80091005 Unexpected cryptographic message encoding. CRYPT_E_OID_FORMAT 0x80091003 The object identifier is poorly formatted. CERTSRV_E_BAD_RENEWAL_CERT_ATTRIBUTE 0x8009400E The request contains an invalid renewal certificate attribute. CRYPT_E_STREAM_MSG_NOT_READY 0x80091010 The streamed cryptographic message is not ready to return data.

CERTSRV_E_TEMPLATE_POLICY_REQUIRED 0x80094808 The template is missing a required signature policy attribute. netsh int ip reset reset.txt Disable/Remove network drivers and re-install them. TRUST_E_FAIL 0x800B010B Generic trust failure. The main source of these performance decreases are startup clutter, registry errors, RAM decline, fragmented files, unnecessary or redundant program installations, and more.