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if you faint, so that flag 0x807 isn't cleared... • 0x7; if it's 0x5 (in other words, "not exactly equal to" 0x7), then the Pokémon is apparently hidden. All it needs it this:Code:resetvarsSee again Thats Alot!Thank to diegoisawesome For learning me to script.And remeber Hackmew For Xse!Preety Cool! Mark Sargent. I was just about to post a question in the Script Help Thread about special2, and found you explained it here!

Seasick…", 4); textcolor (3); preparemsg ("{RED} rubbed the CAPTAIN's\nback!\rRub-rub…\nRub-rub…"); waitmsg (); jingle (0x100); waitforjingle (); call (lbl_1A6675); pause (0x32); applymove (0x1, move_1A75E1); waitformove (0x0); say ("CAPTAIN: Whew! Have you looked into 0xB4, by any chance, or so far am I the only one who's been crazy enough to study it in-depth? I'm going to\ncatch some stronger ones!", 6); end (); @ ---------------------------------------------- @ 0x816059F @ 1.0 person #4 @ ---------------------------------------------- lbl_16059F: trainerbattle (0, 104, "Hey, wait up!\nWhat's the hurry? It doesn't need any extra arguments.

The use of this option is recommended for security as well as compatibility with some boot ROMs which cannot be easily made to include a directory name in its request. The reason I included some of the above stuff ("setflag 0x807" through "clearflag 0x807") is because, I assume, those flags are used to check and see if you fainted while battling Also, a variable's value will not change until you set a different value to that variable.

Follow-Ups: Re: -s /tftpboot path in xinetd.d/tftp file From: Edwin Dicker References: -s /tftpboot path in xinetd.d/tftp file From: Mark Sargent Re: -s /tftpboot path in xinetd.d/tftp file From: Alexander Apprich Why the rush?", "I give!\nYou're good at this!"); say ("Sometimes, you can find stuff on\nthe ground.\rI'm looking for the stuff I\ndropped. But it never hurts to show your work. :P The reason I'm throwing all this at you is because, for one thing, you're the first person so far to actually start There's a command in the map script to check and see if flag 0x2BF has been set; if it has, then it won't clear 5D.

Root = 32768/00:d0:79:6b:d7:80 Cost = 0 Port = 0x800d 22.002374 Cisco_6b:d7:81 -> Spanning-tree-(for-bridges)_00 STP Conf. Uncommon Commands comparefarbytetobyte The command comparefarbytetobyte is useful for initiating a script depending on a value in the RAM, like pallet, or some other random thing. (Useful for you DaN (Day running-config Destination IP address or hostname []? Destination filename [running-config]? http://www.awaresystems.be/imaging/tiff/tifftags/imageid.html It willgotoa specified point, whether is be a @pointeror a 0x[hex address].

How did I get that pointer?Let's compile Script 1into the ROM. I guess this means\lyou're excited.\pI need to tell you something.\nIs that okay?#org @2 = [blue_fr]Too bad. Pretty simple yeah? Step 3 Fix 0x800d in a quick way.

Hth Alex Hi All, Alex, if I'm trying to upload a running-config file of a cisco switch to /tftpboot, what do I specify at the switches prompt, Switch>en Switch#copy run tftp Create a free website Powered by Create your own free website Start your own free website A surprisingly easy drag & drop site creator. Well, at this point, if you've followed the rest of this tutorial, it should be obvious what the command does. I've decoded as much as I can of special2 0xB4, so I thought I'd present my research to someone who probably knows more about the command than I do. :D This

I can't seem to get it to work. Coolif i want to make 1 more ill do thiscompare 0x800D 0x3if 0x1 goto @option4Thats it i thinkThat should be about it. bufferattack, and many otehrs, check the XSE database for more info. If so, where would I find this link's path..? [root localhost xinetd.d]# cat tftp service tftp { socket_type = dgram protocol = udp wait = yes user = root server =

It's actually three scripts.Script 1, right tileCode:#dynamic 0x800000#org @startsetvar 0x4003 0x2goto 0x8017CCend#org @scriptcheckflag 0x20Aif 0x1 goto @donecompare 0x4003 0x0if 0x1 goto @leftcompare 0x40030x1 if 0x1 goto @middlecompare 0x4003 0x2if 0x1 goto Le strong silent type!", 2); end (); @ ---------------------------------------------- @ 0x81608D5 @ 1.5 person #0 @ ---------------------------------------------- lbl_1608D5: say ("The passengers are restless from\nthis long voyage.\rYou might be challenged by If it is in our party, 0x1 is assigned to the variable, which in this case is 0x800D. The command is set out like this:Code:goto [pointer]Now we've covered that, let's get back to what we were looking at, which were the beginnings of scripts 1, 2 and 3.Look at

WOW, quite a lengthy post you got there, but yeah, special 2 does not really make anything in the game happen, but make a variable set to a number depending on I'll show an extra example if you need it, but I shouldn't need to explain any more:Code:random 0x0Acompare 0x800D0x0 if 0x1 goto @1compare 0x800D0x1 if 0x1 [email protected] 0x800D0x2 if 0x1 [email protected] comparefarbytes 0xPOINTER1 0xPOINTER2 special2 The command special2 has a lot of different confusinf aspects, mainly because we don't know all of the commands, but what it does is it gives a

Related tags OPIProxy See also TIFF Specification Supplement 1 OPI Specification version 2.00 The PokéCommunity Forums > ROM Hacking > Tools, Tutorials & Resources > [Tutorial] 0m3GA ARS3NAL's Obscure XSE Commands

Mark Sargent. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Hi All, I'm still having problems with this. And even further abbreviated, condensed, randomly swuished together, and messed with until it's turned into what I think is relevant to the special2 used here: setflag 0x807 special 0x138[starts wild battle] After it's been burnt to the ROM, we should see a list of the different names of the pointers.We should have something like this:Quote:Originally Posted [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] 8008CF...etc....We You have POKéMON!\nCome on!\fLet's battle 'em!", "No!\nCATERPIE can't hack it!"); say ("Ssh!

multichoice2 0x5 0x5 0x10 0x2 0x0 This will make a multichoice box, at coordinates 5,5, using multichoice #16, and the 3rd selection is highlighted. (I cant remember if 0x0 makes the I think there are more.", 6); end (); @ ---------------------------------------------- @ 0x8160AB3 @ 1.10 person #0 @ ---------------------------------------------- lbl_160AB3: say ("You, mon petit!\nWe're busy here!\fOut of the way!", 2); end Sure! Switch#copy run tftp Source filename [running-config]?

This is a "checkpokemon" only usable for Fire Red.Code:setvar 0x8004 0x19special20x800D 0x17Ccompare 0x800D 0x1if 0x1 goto @haveFirst, we assign the value to the variable 0x8004. Learn more. ✕ [Date Prev][Date Next] [Thread Prev][Thread Next] [Thread Index] [Date Index] [Author Index] Re: -s /tftpboot path in xinetd.d/tftp file From: Mark Sargent